Thursday, November 6, 2014

I Have Found All Natural Deodorant and His Name Is J.R. Watkins!

You guys. 
I have been looking for a good natural deodorant for ages. AGES. 
The thought of aluminum being absorbed anywhere on my body-let alone close to my ta-ta's was terrifying! But guess what? It is near impossible to find a name brand (women's) deodorant that doesn't contain aluminum. Yes, you can find this in men's deodorant pretty easily (I feel like there is a thesis somewhere in this observation) but if you want an aluminum free deodorant you will be looking hi and low.  Trust.
What's more? Trying to find an all natural deodorant that worked for my body was just as difficult. Now, I don't fancy myself a stinky gal-but if I have been out and about all day I will not be "fresh"-let's say that.  The multitudes of all natural deodorants I have tried missed the mark time and time again-and they are super expensive. 
So needless to say, I was quite skeptical that J.R. Watkins would do the trick. As you may remember I touted J.R. Watkins as one of my favorites pretty recently. So I ordered it and as natural deodorants go it was pretty cheap-$9 cheap (I've paid much more for stuff that ended up not working at all).
Well, I have been using it for a couple weeks now and it keeps me from smelling stinky and it smells super fresh-natural.
So if you are on a quest for a natural deodorant I highly suggest you try J.R. Watkins Aloe and Green Tea Deodorant!

...and no they didn't pay/reimburse me to write this....but I wouldn't mind if they did *wink wink*

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Kind of Love

This past weekend was lovely. You know the weekends, where there isn't much on the agenda except to fill it with things that make you happy-yes, this was that weekend.
The week previous was the week that my beloved baseball team, the Giants, wrapped up the world series with a third win in five years-man what a beautiful thing! Then on Friday it was Halloween-one of my favorite holidays-we dressed up as the couple from The Shining-a favorite movie of mine!
And I snagged some yummy candy from my mother in law's candy bowl.
Saturday Jon and I went for a run along the bay-it was such a pretty day-everyone in their Giants gear smiling at one another. That evening we went to our favorite neighborhood italian joint and just enjoyed one another's company.

On Sunday we went to the Legion of Honor and strolled around the museum, taking in the works of the greats-I know it is kinda/really tacky to take pictures in a museum but I couldn't help myself. Don't worry, I didn't use any flash!

Afterwards we went home and picked up Frank to take him to one of his favorite pup bakeries.

It was fun for all-and it has definitely made me revved up for the week ahead-sometimes you just need a weekend to do exactly what you want-nothing less, nothing more.

What did you do this weekend?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Always with My Nose in a Book

Reading was my go to when I was little. Bored? Read. Going for a car ride? Read. Wanna have fun? Read. It's sunny out? Read. It is rainy? Read.
You get it. And it is a voracious habit that has followed me in to my adulthood. I can't help but read anything I get my hands on-I crave learning via books. My eldest niece is at the age I was when I first started getting in to reading so I have decided to gift her with my favorite books every birthday. Her birthday was recently so I gave her the first book of The Babysitters Club books and Harriet the Spy-Just looking at the covers of the books brought back so many good memories. It encouraged me to write a list of my favorite books as a kid-I would LOVE to hear what your favorites were.

1. Matilda
2. All of Shel Silverstein's poetry books
3. Little House on the Prairie
4. Catherine Called Birdy
5. Babysitters Club
6. Harriet the Spy
7. The Egypt Game
8. The BFG
9. Boy

I just know there are more but these are all I can think of at the moment....please share your faves to spark my memory.

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