Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Within Budget

I I for one love a good budget, coupon, deal, sale. There is something so gratifying about not paying full price and having being able to put a cozy little amount in to savings because of it. I have mentioned on here before but I love reading finance books...for fun! I must admit some of this is out of necessity due to the fact that my taste in education was say the least. Private schools sure do give you "privacy" but they for sure do not give you a discount. Since I have the equivalent of a brand spankin new car in student loans (my student loan car is fully loaded, leather interior, amazing sound system and all wheel drive) it is helpful for Jon and I to make it a point to make my student loan balance sink lower and lower every month. 

I know a lot of people view this task as scary and daunting and to be honest, at times I do too. But if Suze Orman taught me anything it is that facing your debt head on is the quickest way to calm that fear. Sure, you might not always like what you see but you are more motivated and feel more capable to slay the dragon when you know for certain how big it is.

Early in January I sat down with some print outs from pinterest and built a budget binder. Now I love me some stationary so part of the thrill of a budget binder was color coding it with my sharpie pens; hey whatever it takes. So now we have a binder that makes all debt, earnings and savings transparent-again, you might not always like what you see but at least you know exactly where you stand. 

 Since I have always been one to be keen on a budget the biggest change was meal planning for the whole month. I usually did it week by week-sometimes coming up with new ideas for dinners was we'd eat out...and spend ridiculous amounts of money on thai food delivered to our door. And doing stuff like this is easy to discount (not in the good way) but then one day you are looking at your finances and finding that you have spent waaaaay more on spring rolls and curry than you ever thought possible. So like I said, meal planning for the whole month makes this a whole lot less likely to happen...I think...we'll see. I'll keep you posted!

What tips help you stay on budget?

Monday, January 19, 2015

I Can See Clearly Now, My Stigmatism is Gone!

I did it! I actually got LASKIK done! I can hardly believe it because I have been hoping to have this procedure done for years. YEARS. And now? It's all done! I can see without glasses or contacts-it almost seems too good to be true.
On Friday Jon came home early from work and we drove to San Jose so I could get my eyes zapped by lasers. I made the mistake of not reading the waiver until the day of surgery-Jon read it to me as I drove to the doctor that day. Turns out, getting lasers shot in to your eye does have some inherent risks-who knew?! We arrived a bit early and sat in the car as Jon finished up a work call. He hung up and I looked at him and asked, "Am I crazy?! Is this reckless? Is this nuts?" To which Jon assured me that it wasn't-I was improving my life!

Here we are sitting in the parking lot considering my sanity
We went inside and checked me in, confirmed my name and then I took a sedative...which I am almost certain was a sugar pill. Jon then toyed with the idea of watching after the nurse offered. We then came to a decision together that he shouldn't watch because we needed him to drive us home...and I wouldn't be terribly comfortable with the idea of him passing out and then hopping in the car to drive us home.

So they took me back-hair netted me up and prepped me for the lasers. The surgeon had flamenco music playing as he did his magic on my eyes which I found kinda funny-they really did play music during surgeries-just like nip tuck! I think the whole process was a bit shocking on my system-it didnt hurt at all but it was weird. If there is something in your eye you usually? Close it. If you are trying to get all zen you? Close your eyes. If you are scared you? Close your eyes. All of these things were happening except for the closing of the eyes-its weird I tell ya!

The whole procedure was about 20 minutes long and I was bandaged up and out the door soon there after....I did need a juice box because I was a bit out of it. I then went home where I was to keep my eyes closed for the rest of the day.  I listened to podcasts and drifted in and out of sleep and Jon woke me only to feed me pizza and a beer-bless him! Oh and he had to put in all of my eye drops.  All in all it was a pretty "simple" procedure as far as procedures go. I never at any point felt a stitch of pain-that surprised the heck out of me!
And now?
I can see like I did when I wore my contacts...but I'm not wearing contacts! And the doc said that my vision will continue to level out and improve as the weeks go by! I definitely give the procedure a thumbs up!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Here's Lookin At You Perfect Vision

I have terrible eyesight, partially due to genetics (thanks Dad!) and partly due to the fact that I have been an enthusiastic reader since I was a wee sass. Well now the time has come where I have become sick and tired of using contacts and glasses-it's been about 15 years since I started on this path-and it has finally annoyed me. Today I am going in for a consultation with my eye doctor for a possible eye surgery this Friday. If everything goes well today I will go in on Wednesday and see the surgeon and (fingers crossed) be scheduling my surgery for this Friday!

Am I nervous?
A little, but I think I am more excited than anything. The thought of having the ability to see upon waking every morning is enough to make me cry. I have no idea what it is like to see well without any effort. Please keep a good thought for me and my eyes this week. We have a lot riding on this.

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