Monday, July 21, 2014

No (More) Scrubs....or face masks, serums, moisturizers.....

Lately I have been on a kick cleaning stuff out and then cleaning some more and I've noticed something...I buy a lot of "Goo"....meaning lotions, face masks, toners, hair masks, hair serums-you get the idea! I realize this I really do-but then I find myself in a store and I totally rationalize bringing this new product. So now I have a new mantra when it comes to when I find myself in the skin and hair care aisle..."NO MORE GOO!" It's only been a week but I'm feeling pretty optimistic ;)

Honestly, I'm already itching to finish the things I have so that I can finally buy more! Hey I've admitted I have a problem-that's the first step. What are some things that you find yourself buying over and over?

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Today I am 30.
My twenties are officially behind me (only by a day, but still). I've heard so many people talk about their 30th birthday with less than affectionate and more than anxiety laden words. And when I turned 29 I waited for a whole year for those feelings to sprout. But they never came. I searched for them all this week, as my physical therapist asked me my plans for the weekend and I happily replied "Turning 30!"
"Oh you're taking it good-no tears yet", he said.
"well I figure it's better than the alternative...being dead", I replied.
30 years later and my sass hasn't mellowed.

I don't know what it is but there seems to be a badge of honor in our society for aging with angst. I don't get it, I really don't. It could be because I have suffered so many losses at very young ages that I learned quick and early that life doesn't always stretch out to porch swing views in our elder years. Sometimes it gets cut off before bucket lists are written, before lifelong goals are met.

Aging is natural and a gift.
Sure, like anything else there are things that I wish would stay the same as when I was young-my flexibility, my ability to eat whatever I wanted etc. But wishing for and focusing on those things to stay the same doesn't amount to much except for a big heavy sigh and it acts as a distraction to looking at what is right.

With time comes experience and man, experience is so fun! So yeah, if I have to keep aging in order to drink up life's experience then it is a deal I will sign up for. I am re-reading my writing and it gives me a bit of a chuckle because I know people in their 70's-heck-in their 90's-now that is really having jumped in to life experience. 30, I realize is just starting out in their books. I feel as though when I sit back and admit that while I have learned a lot so far on my journey, I know very little-and when I embrace that I learn loads. And to these lovely people that have showed me what it is to age gracefully I know so little. And that excites me greatly.

I have never before felt so alive. So ripe for jumping in, signing up, looking at things with new eyes. Life is out there and I want some more. I want to travel more, read more, learn more, work more, laugh more and LOVE more. I hold my baby cousin and my best friend's little girl and my heart soars because they are just beginning this journey and I think that just witnessing this new life renews my own-it resets my beginner's mind.

So yes, today I turn 30 and I couldn't be more excited or thankful for it.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Let's Get Physical...Therapy

I find it kinda funny that here I am as a therapist and I advocate people taking the time to take care of their mental health and yet when it has come to taking care of my physical health? I have taken my damn time in getting myself in to the physical therapist.

But that has all changed because I am finally going to physical therapy for my lower back issues that have plagued me for years. Seriously, years-check it out here and here. So anyway, I am in PT and I don't know what I expected but PT is HARD. The exercises are clearly for the sole purpose of making me stronger but for some reason I didnt see all this hard work coming. Odd.

It is a lot of work but even after a couple of sessions I feel stronger so the frustration seems a bit easier to handle with that in mind. After a very long time of struggling with back pain I am starting to have some hope that it isn't something I have to live with for much longer...something that I didn't think was possible.

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