Tuesday, October 21, 2014

....and So I Just Kept Running

I have been really hitting my stride when it comes to running lately. I love the private time, to think, listen to my favorite morning show or a new cd, watch the sun peak in to the sky and paint San Francisco in beautiful colors and run by houses and see others starting their day.

It's all good-and it even helps me forget about how exhausted I might be. And the best thing about running in the morning is that I can get on with my day-boom-workout done! No matter how busy my day is I rest easy knowing my workout is done.

So let's talk about music again-music is so motivating to me when I turn the corner and see one of San Francisco's famous hills waiting to greet me and burn my lungs. So now I ask of you...what is on your work out list?

Here are some of mine:

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Few Of My Favorite Things

The following are some of my favorite products-and nope, nobody is asking me to write this-I just wanted to :)
The most important things to me when I shop are:
1. As close to natural as possible
2. American Made
3. Earth Friendly Ingredients

...and when I can have more than one of those things in one product?! One happy Sass!!!

Here are some of my favorite products as of late:

A. Mrs. Meyers
This company is really one of my favorites, for so many reasons. They make dish soap and hand soap, scrubs to clean your sink or tub, candles-and the list goes on!!
Here is an excerpt from their website that pretty much sums up why I love them:

"We make intelligent, responsible raw material choices, and whenever possible, obtain materials from renewable plant resources such as coconut, palm, corn, soy or olive. At times we choose not to use a plant-derived material for reasons of efficacy, consistency and safety.
Our products do not contain ammonia, chlorine, glycol solvents, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, artificial colorants, phosphates or petroleum distillates.
We do not test our products on animals, nor are our products made with animal-derived ingredients.
Our packaging is recyclable and we use 25% post-consumer plastic in our bottles."

See what I mean? Awesome!

B. J.R. Watkins
This company is in some ways similar to  Mrs. Meyers-they have home and body products but JR Watkins takes it one step further as they have pain preventing products as well as cooking ingredients. I am in love with their version of icy hot and their body oil for a post bath moisturizing. AND? They vow to not use unnatural ingredients!
"We believe avoiding potentially harmful ingredients is as equally important as including safe, all-natural ingredients in our product lines. That’s why in 2008 we pledged our commitment to the J.R. Watkins Freedom Code. We constantly evaluate our formulas and products to make sure they are at the very highest standard, and are as natural as they can be. Take a look at the ingredients that you’ll never find in J.R. Watkins products and why. We’re sure you can find the petrochemicals, bleaches, synthetic dyes and colors elsewhere if you really want them. With our products, though, you’re free to enjoy things the natural way"

C. Pure Living Oils
I'll admit, I am new to these oils-but even in the small time I have been using them I am really pumped on them. Having an anxious moment? There's an oil for that Can't sleep? There's an oil for that Allergies? There's an oil for that too!!!
If you have any great combos of oils I would love to hear them!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dear Diary

I started about 6 different diaries when I was a kiddo. I would start out with the best penmanship I could muster and then a couple weeks (ha, days!) I would toss it in a drawer and that would be it. But the thing is I would always feel so good when I write-lighter somehow-even when it was nonsensical. There was something about not showing it to anyone that was freeing and encouraged my creativity. Much like writing here-as I am getting a bit older I am realizing things that make me tick-things that if I want to be operating at my most efficient, most joyous, most fulfilled-I need to make sure and make space for them in my day to day life-maybe not everyday but most days. 

My List:
-Exercising (Running is a big one these days)
-Journaling and Blogging
-Eating well

It isn't terribly complicated and yet these things slip through my fingers time and time again. They get replaced for things that aren't as high of a priority. It is time to make a change-I'm ready.

What things have you noticed keep you running smoothly?

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