Thursday, May 14, 2015

Moving on Up!

A couple weeks ago Jon and I got an email from our landlord letting us know that the 2 bedroom apartment above us is available to rent and would we like to move in to it. Without even hesitating we replied yes! As I've said to oblivion on here-I HATE clutter...haaaaate it. So it hasn't been too hard to live in a (junior) one bedroom for the most part. But we are kinda at the point where we feel as though we are stepping on one another even though we are living with the essentials. 

I'm excited for the move-I really don't mind moving all that much but I just feel like this year is throwing me curveballs all over the place!! I'm trying to trust and embrace the change (after all it is the only reliable thing on life) but even still-it's a lot. So now we are in the haze of picking out paint colors, signing leases, physical therapy for Frank, missing my Nani like crazy, continuing to build my business-and oh yeah Jon starts a new job on Monday. 

Have you had any changes come your way lately?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Stories From the Crate

Good news: Frank is feeling much better, is learning to walk on three legs and is acting more like himself!
Bad news: His mind is back to itself(still good!) but we have to keep him constrained for two weeks post surgery. 

It's Wednesday and we have 9 more days of strict crate rest and he is already sooooo over it. I mean I am pretty sure I have heard him swear at me. 

For the most part I have stayed calm and positive-he really is getting better everyday! BUT there is also a lot of guilt because I have to enforce so many if these rules he can't understand and rules he hates might I add. And I feel terrible about the fact that I brought him to the vet last week to have this horrible procedure done-blergh guys blergh!

Jon has been excellent at helping me keep my calm but with me still dealing with my grief over Nani and having to deal with Frank's recovery-sometimes I crack! Like last night for instance, our anniversary no less-I was sobbing over our Chipotle and champagne!

I'm so not myself these days. I know this is a really rough patch and it isn't forever-but in the meantime...ugh. Just ugh. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Healing Thoughts

Our Franker bear underwent surgery yesterday for a torn acl-the surgery was supposed to take one hour but ended up taking two and a half hours-the damage was more intense than we had thought. It breaks my heart to think of my doodle bug in so much more pain than he was letting on.
we knew from the day we brought him home that knee surgery would be in his future it is hard to actually have to go through with it.
Especially in light of losing Nani-I am feeling quite overwhelmed lately. 

 While he is home and safe with Jon and I-it is very difficult to watch him be in so much pain and confusion. We are doing the very best we can to make his recovery as tolerable as possible but gosh, it is doesn't seem like enough. 

So for the next couple days we will be crossing our fingers, holding our breath and hoping all of out efforts are enough to keep my baby boy comfy. Any healing thoughts or prayers you could send Frank's way would be do appreciated.

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