Tuesday, August 21, 2007

About Me

Hi there.
I'm Sarah, more commonly known as Sensibly Sassy, or just Sassy for short. I'm 26 years old and live in the great state of California with my boyfriend Jon. On Valentine's Day of 2008 we added Frank, the cutest English Bulldog this side of the Mississippi (and probably the cutest on the other side of the Mississippi too) to our family.
Jon and I have been living together for nearly three years but our history starts way before that. You see, we are what you would call "High School Sweethearts". We met in our Freshman year Social Studies class. Doing some quick mental math would reveal that we have been together for eleven (11!) years, going on our 12th year together. Twelve just happens to be my lucky number so who knows what this year holds...if you know what I mean! (But then again 22 is Jon's lucky number...).

When Jon met me I was on my high school's dance team and had been dancing since the ripe old age of two. Dance was my passion! When I was a little sass I was usually found in the studio taking at least 10 classes a week. I studied ballet, jazz, tap and even a little stint in belly dancing. Eventually I became a dance teacher and had eager students of my own! Seeing their excitement for dance just added to my love for the art form.

But I was always told that I needed something to fall back on in case I was ever injured (sounds like someone had a crystal ball). Well it is a good thing I followed that sage advice because 24 I was was sidelined by a back injury (three torn discs and arthritis in my spine to be specific). So from there on out I jumped (very carefully) into my "back up plan" (pun intended) which happened to be getting my master's degree. What a distraction that was!

I graduated the program last year and am just now learning how to enjoy life without homework and night classes. Even though my dancing career ended abruptly I still have so many memories that I fondly look back on. And more importantly, I still have my three best friends (Erin, Carrie and Serina) that I met while on the dance team in high school. You see, when I recognize a good thing I hang on tight. That is why I have had the same dentist for almost 20 years. Monogamy is my thing!

My family is a huge part of my life and they often make appearances on this blog because they are pretty darn funny; sometimes they know it and sometimes they don't. They have always been so supportive of ever endeavor I have taken on and their answer to any mishap I may have along the way is to feed me. Can't say I disagree with that.

Basically, I am at a point in my life where I love being open to the unknown; I love to travel and try things that are new to me. There is a big beautiful world out there and I want my piece of it!
I started blogging so that I could share my new experiences and outlooks on things with whoever out there wanted to read them. But what I have come to appreciate even more is the point of views and comments you all have to share with me. Thank you for stopping by and make sure to say hi from time to time.


Sarah said...


Lixs said...

hi...i'm from indonesia
i'm make a new blog..i do not know how to use it..hehe
so, i try .....

probably my language is not correctly, because here i'm use indonesia language

nice 2 meet u

Grecia Anggelita said...

hi Sarah, i saw your blog, it was good.. well, maybe you can add some funny story, so i can read them againt. It's just some small hope, hehehe

oia, nice to meet you, i think we can ce friends

Grecia Anggelita said...

hmn, for Lixs
I am also an Indonesian
I think you can speak Indonesian..
bagaimana?? Benar tidak??

i saw your blog, and i will follow,

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