Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Issues Of The Magazine Type

There is something that feels so indulgent about reading a magazine. Maybe it is because unlike a book, you can flip through a magazine willy nilly; skipping around to different sections as you please. I guess I think it is less of a time investment. When I was a boy crazy youngster I devoured BOP magazine because it had stories that promised to let you in on the thought processes of your favorite swoon worthy stars.

And there were always pull out posters inside each issue. Check out this gem!
I mean check out those flowers, that vest!

As I got older I paroused the occasional Cosmo magazine and the like but never really felt like they were talking to me ya know? And in a way I felt like every issue was the same thing just re-arranged in different parts of the magazine every month. A quiz about "what your perfume says about you" here, an article on "what he's really thinking" there, I was just meh about it. Right now I am really loving Real Simple and In Style magazines. I feel like Real Simple speaks to my home maker side but it doesn't scare me with super fancy crafts like Martha Stewart Living does. I mean some of those crafts are intimidate me!
I really like In Style magazine because I can ogle the latest fashion and see some realistic options for myself. I once subscribed to Elle Magazine and for one reason or another I had trouble digging in to it-it seemed too high fashion for me.

And as of last week a friend at work had the idea of doing a magazine swap. So at the end of each month I will give her my In Style and she will trade me her O Magazine.
Do you subscribe to any magazines? Which ones?


Home Sweet Sarah said...

Allure (more makeup as opposed to fashion-based) and Better Homes & Gardens.

I dumped Us Weekly about a year ago. I still miss it sometimes, but eh.

Lil' Woman said...

I read some of the trashy gossip mags but my faves are Real Simple and the Woman's Day and Family Circle...I want to learn how to be all domesticated. :)


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