Friday, April 13, 2012

The Day Before

*Warning: This post has hippy dippy, California tendencies ahead. You have been warned.

The day before your wedding is surreal. There is a quiet hush filled with excited energy. We're at the point in the wedding process where all the planning has reached its natural end and it makes space for the excitement. Excitement was my first thought and feeling this morning. It has been such a long, difficult, weird, road to get to this point but we made it and I really couldn't be happier.

A couple days ago my bridesmaid, Tiff, treated me to a healing touch therapy appointment, which essentially is a session to work on energy and cleansing. You can read more about it here.
I really need to do a whole other post to do this experience justice. But I will say this, afterwards the therapist and I sat down and we talked a little bit about what she observed. She told me that it is customary for her to check the size and color of my aura at the end of the session and that when she checked mine it was bright purple and filled up the entire room. She then told me that bright purple was the color that indicated that people (from beyond and here on earth) were sending me love. She told me she has never seen an aura be so big!

Well this just brought me to tears. It was confirmation of what I was feeling this whole time. So much love. Love from family, friends, people that have passed on, my friends here on the internet. So much support. So yes, things have gone wrong but so many things have gone right and today, the day before my wedding I am going to sit here in my little purple aura* of love and soak it all in. Thank you all for the love.

*told you ;)


LWLH said...

Your going to have a beautiful day tomorrow. All of us here in blogland and your loved ones (here and gone) will be cheering you on.

Congrats my love and I wish you a lifetime of happiness with your soon to be hubs. : )

Kristie said...

Oh, Sarah, what a beautiful story! I hope you are having the BEST wedding day today! I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it. Lots of love!

Elizabeth said...



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