Monday, April 9, 2012

I have always thought that friends are the family you choose.  Its fascinating to me that in the span of a lifetime you meet so many people but when you meet your friends for the first time there is something inside of you that gives you the feeling of being understood, made happier, and loved. Friendship is a pretty powerful thing when you really sit down and think about it. My friends are some of the most amazing women I have ever met. During this whole wedding process and heartbreaking loss of Jon's dad, they have built me back up when I fell apart, given me hope when I ran out of it and reminded me that they had my back-for better or for worse.

This past weekend my best friends gave me the most amazing bachelorette party. There were cookies, matching tank tops, the best conversations and so much more-not a single detail was overlooked. They went above and beyond...for me.

In the midst of everything going wrong in the last couple of months, I'll be honest, I wondered what in the heck I did wrong in a past life because karma was kicking my butt. But when I really stood back and looked at everything with a more positive eye it became apparent that I must have done something right in this life to have such amazing friends.


Carly Smith Hohl said...

So excited for you! :)

Lauryn said...

Aww, I'm so glad you had such a great bachelorette experience! Your friends sound wonderful.

Remember- it's not what happens to you that defines you, it's how you handle the crazy things life throws your way. You've been handling everything with such grace and perseverance! I'm sure karma will be working in your favor in no time.

Linda said...

You guys look fabulous! It's your Wedding Week!


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