Thursday, May 3, 2012

Acne Update: Bedside Manner, or Lack Thereof

He walked into the room 30 minutes after my appointment was supposed to start, he shook my hand and instantly started staring at my face. He wasn't saying anything so I figured I should start talking.

"I was on accutane for a couple months"

Him: and it didn't work?!

Me: I uh have a friend that had the same symptoms (I went into detail here) and she ended up having rosacea.

Him: Its not rosacea. We are going to try an antibiotic and I want you to come back in 3 weeks

(At this point he is LITERALLY is halfway out the door)

Me: Can you come back in here? (he does) So what is it?

Him: Its acne. If this doesn't work I have an idea of what to do next. Don't give up on the process.

(Door closes)

I sat there with my mouth agape, I have seen better bedside manner in a mortician. I filled the prescription and I am trying to hold onto hope that this antibiotic will work. As always I'll keep you posted on the next step, whatever that may be.


Lauryn said...

I had this same kind of horrible experience with a dermatologist a few years ago. I was furious! She barely stayed in the room long enough for me to ask one question and then she was on her way out again.

I hope that his solution works for you so that you don't have to go through that impersonal experience again!

TUWABVB said...

This is not acceptable at all. I know it's hard, but don't let this defeat you. Find a new doctor and try again - this guy is an ass. I mean, didn't he even ask you if have had any negative reactions to antibiotics in the past? Gosh - this makes me so angry for you. I mean, try what he gave you - but don't give up. Hell - I'll ask my dermatologist if she knows someone near you if you want. Also, next time I go to my doctor I'm getting you samples. :)

Katelin said...

ugh that is just awful and so rude. hope this new medication helps though, but still, what a lame doctor.

Home Sweet Sarah said...

Well that's frustrating!

Meagan Mariee said...

I am having some serious acne issues at the age of 28! I have never had this problem before in my life! I am on 3 different types of creams and an antibiotic. PS.. The side of the antibiotic prescription warns me not to go out in the sun... I live in Florida and it's almost summer :( lol


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