Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Routine and I are really great friends.
Every (work day) morning I follow the same routine.
I wake up (obvi)
Wash my face then apply some skinceuticals, topical acne medication and sunscreen.
I put on my make up and head in to the kitchen to make myself a green smoothie and get dressed while I drink it. Afterwards I brush my teeth, put some green tea in my travel mug, grab my sunglasses and I'm on the road.

Today I forgot my sunglasses and I got in a car accident. Both of those things are not on the list. One of these things sucks more than the other. The logistics are boring but I'm fine and it wasn't my fault but ugh. However, neither of these things change the fact that now I have to deal with getting my car fixed and keeping in touch with insurance companies. Double UGH.

More than anything I am just frustrated that I gave in to being incredibly frustrated. What I mean, is I have been feeling really centered and things weren't really bothering me as they usually do. I was feeling good. But as soon as the other driver drove away after information was exchanged I gave in to the stress. I cried, no, I blubbered mascara ran and it took me a little while to gather myself. And then it was almost as if my conciousness resurfaced-yes, getting in a fender bender was hardly ideal. But I would get it taken are of, life would go on and I wasted time getting so frustrated.

So, no, its not ideal and I can think of better ways to spend my time. But it is all going to be ok. I just have to take a look at the bigger picture instead of getting stuck on the details.

Do you ever find yourself getting stuck on the little stuff?
How do you shake yourself out of it?


sarah marie p said...

Boo! Such a bummer about the car accident! I'm so glad you're OK though.

And yeah, I totally get what you mean about getting frustrated with yourself for being frustrated. I do that all the time. Well, I think you should give yourself a break because that is a very good reason for being frustrated! And, after realizing that you're frustrated with yourself, I think all you can do is just move on -- because sometimes it's OK to be frustrated! You can't be in a positive mood ALL the time, nobody is that perfect! Unless you were a robot or something. haha! Like you said -- it's all going to be OK. xoxoxox


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