Friday, November 30, 2012

Real (Mean) Housewives

I am about to write something I never thought I would put on this blog: I think I might be over Real Housewives.  I know, I'm just as shocked as you are! I have been this franchise's biggest supporter from the get go. I was attracted to the over the top lifestyles and the sometimes hair brained catch phrases made by the main characters. It was funny, it was silly, it was all good fun. Sure you would have the occassional dissagreement between women but it wasn't that bad. I mean this is the franchise that gave us Bethenny! I love Bethenny!

That being said-it is hard to watch now. I almost get the feeling that the women realize that we are watching them now and want to make it as sensational as possible.  So now instead of highlighting funny stories from their families they focus on the simplest of disagreements and say some really nasty things to one another. In short, they have ALL becomes "thugs in cocktail dresses" and its gross.  I don't know if I am thinking too much about all this but I can't help but feel that by mindlessly watching these shows I am encouraging the notion that all women have such issues getting along and really have no real urge to care and support about one another. And that couldn't be further from the truth. Women are really pretty great and when we get together we can do some pretty amazing things-start companies, be great friends, write interesting know, contribute something more than trivial fuedes to the world.

While I understand that reality shows about "nice women" don't make good tv but honestly, the shows about mean women don't really do it for me anymore.

Where do you stand on the Real Housewives front?


Anonymous said...

I agree. I'm sad about it, but the first few episodes of RHOBH but have kind of stopped. I like drama on those shows, but I miss the funny stuff too.

Colleen (@csherm)

LWLH said...

Me and the hubs just talked about this the other day. I'm pretty much over them myself and I was a die hard for a long time.

Raven said...

Totally agree. I can't really watch it anymore.

Anonymous said...

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