Monday, November 5, 2012

Soul Pancake

I'm not sure if I have ever shared this, but I have an hour long commute to work (and to get home for that matter).  I don't really share this tidbit all that often because I think of it as my dirty little secret. Every time someone asks where I work and I reveal that I am commuting an hour I brace myself for their reaction. I get sighs, head shakes, eye rolls- it is as if I had just asked them to pay for my gas, or give me a piggy back to work. I really don't get it.

Sure, it would be ideal to not have to drive so far-but that isn't my reality right now. And that's ok with me.

And you know what?

I kinda enjoy it.

I just blew your head clean off with that one didn't I?

In the morning I enjoy driving through the city and watching it come to life with the sun and listening to my favorite morning radio show. In the afternoon I put on a podcast (some of my favorites are: Stuff You Missed In History, Stuff Mom Never Told You, Sarah and Vinnie Secret Show and Oprah's Soul Series). I feel like I am learning as I drive. I mean, how many people can say that they have two hours a day to just sit and learn or just be alone with their thoughts. I have time to pump myself up for work and wind myself down afterwards. It has become a time that I really cherish.

One afternoon in particular I was listening to Oprah's Soul Series and Rainn Wilson was on. I looked at the description for a little bit...Rainn Wilson? Dwight from the office?! On Oprah's Soul Series? Yup, that was him alright. Apparently, he is much more spiritual than I had ever anticipated. It was a beautiful hour long conversation between him and Ms. O. Rainn explained how he didn't feel that humans really have a platform to talk spiritually outside of organized religion and he wanted to give that to people so he created a website called Soul Pancake.

I must say I was intrigued and logged on when I got home. Part of me didn't know what to expect but what I found was a pleasant surprise. There are contests and conversation boards (that's my favorite part). I perused and even signed up (my username is SensiblySassy). I felt so inspired that I have decided it might be neat to bring some of the conversation topics here so we can, hopefully, open it up for discussion. Now I know that commenting on blogs seems to have gone the way of the dodo bird (at least on this blog anyway) but I really do miss the interactivity that my blog used to have. As you might have noticed I like to ask a question of you all at the end of each post because I really am curious. So I know that sometimes it is just easier to scan a post and close the page but I am going to try and put some worthwhile content on here again....and it would be cool if we could start some discussions here too.

This first series of questions is brought to you by Soul Pancake. Feel free to answer some, all, none or even put it on your own blog.

When do you open your eyes/ when you get out of your bed: I usually wake up around 5:45 or so...sometimes earlier if Jon and I go for a run.

*What is the first thing you see? The glow of my iphone from my underwear drawer.

*What is the first thing you do? Turn that alarm off and put on my glasses. It is so much easier to start the day when you can actually see.

*What is your first thought? Hmm...what's on the docket for today?
*What do you do to get yourself out of bed? I'm luckily a morning person so this isn't all that big of a challenge.

What would make you stay in bed? Not feeling well, sleep is my favorite when I am feeling under the weather.

  *What does waking up mean to you during the week/weekend? The start of some adventures or not. Either way it is all good.



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