Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Last Friday I was in a pretty dark place. I was discouraged and so very sad. That being said my heart still hurts...but I have a new resolve. There still isn't a reason for what happened in Newtown, Ct. There never will be. But it is the responsibility of the living to honor those that have lost their lives-because we are still here. Because we can. If I have learned  one thing from all this sadness is that we need to be more compassionate, loving and try harder to be better. Humans have tried to change the world with hate from the beginning of time. It isn't working. I feel that as a country we realize this and are finally willing to try love.

My friend Raven, from Just Expressive posted this:
"If you are as saddened by today's news as I am and as upset as some, by the debates and politics, that I am reading in my feed, might I suggest an alternate course? Earlier today when I found out what happened I bought a new backpack for a child in need. One small kind gesture, one small good thing for a child in need. I invite anyone-everyone else searching for something to do, to maybe do the same? Instead of fighting...just do something nice."

Wow what a thought. Imagine if we stopped fighting with each other and tried to actually make the world better? Wow.
I then saw Ann Curry tweet an idea about #26acts . 26 acts of kindness-one for each of the victims of the Newtown, Ct tragedy. I was in!

I started yesterday and so far this is what I have (I have put one of the victim's names next to the random acts and will continue to do so until I am done):
Dawn Hochsprung
In honor of Dawn I fed a parking meter for someone that was about to run out of time.

Charlotte Bacon  
I fetched a shopping cart for an elderly man that needed help.

Daniel Barden 
I made baked goods for the staff/managers at the GAP. My weary co-workers were so happy to see these treats after dealing with the holiday crowds.

Rachel Davino
I helped an elderly woman struggling to reach the top shelf at the grocery store.

Olivia Engel  
I asked a man sitting on the sidewalk asking for money if he liked chocolate. He chuckled and said yes, I then handed him a baggie full of treats I had made. His eyes became so big and he thanked me profusely.

Josephine Gay
I made baked goods for the staff at the school that I work at in order to thank them for all they do.

So that's where I'm at now. I still have 20 more acts to go but I am excited to figure out what I am going to do next. My mom and Jon are on board with me....are you?


Christine said...

I have to been thinking about how I can help because we are so close but with working 60 hours a week my time is strained. BUT mark my words after we return from CA I will be doing something!

On a side note my brothers school San Jose City was locked down yesterday because there were reports of a gunman... No one was found! So sickening!

Vics said...

I love this idea, I'm definitely in!!! I helped a lady in the supermarket last night so I'm already on the way with my first act.
I truly believe that as a much wiser man than I said, we can be the change we want to see in the world

Sara McGinness said...

I love this and will definitely be doing this. Thank you so much for posting about this. I don't blog anymore so I will share what I am doing on twitter and facebook in hopes of inspiring others like you and Raven have.


sarah marie p said...

Sarah Sassyfrass,
Thanks for sharing about the 26 Acts movement. This is so inspiring! You are inspiring! I love that Jon and your mom are joining in too!

I just read through Ann Curry's Twitter page, where she's been retweeting the 26 acts of kindness -- and now I'm tearing up at my desk!

I love this. <3


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