Monday, January 21, 2013

No Tv (In The Bedroom)

I feel like this may be a touchy subject to some, right up there with breastfeeding and gun control.  Growing up I always had a tv in my room. I would set the sleep timer at night, usually for thirty minutes or so, and doze off to the sounds of various tv shows-mainly nick at night. I would get a little frustrated on nights when my insomnia would win over the sleep timer and I would have to re-set it. But every night, just like clockwork there the timer would be.  And for years it would go on this way, almost to the point where I had trouble falling asleep without it.

But then Jon and I moved in together and we only had one tv between us (we bought a new tv for the living room and ditched our old tv's from our old home bedrooms). The thought was that once we could afford another tv we would put it in our bedroom. But some time passed and we got used to reading or talking before bed. It was calming, it was nice, better yet it made it much easier to fall asleep. Somewhere in between our first and second apartment we decided to skip buying a bedroom tv at all. Dare I say it? We are a household with a no tv in the bedroom policy.
 I honestly can't see us ever going back to having a tv in our room again.
Ok maybe it wasn't as controversial as I thought.

Do you have a tv  in your bedroom?


Carly Hohl said...

We are the same way!

Christine said...

Sam here! We had one in our apartment in Campbell but I only remember using it when folding laundry. So before the move we gave it away... We don't miss it at all!

Katelin said...

Matt needs sound to go to sleep so we compromised on music or podcasts to listen to at night. But I pretty adamantly do not want a TV in our room ever. Hopefully I'll continue to win that one :)

Shannon Henszel said...

I had a TV in my bedroom for all of about 9 months when I was a teenager. Then again, when I was a newlywed 18 year old for a few months before we decided it induced too many sleepless nights and too much getting-up-for-work-lateness. Now, my husband and I have one nice TV in our living room and we wouldn't have it any other way.


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