Thursday, May 9, 2013

Moving On

So today was my last day working at the high school I have been at for three years as an intern. You see, I have gathered all the hours I need to take my licensing exam and this summer I will be doing just that. Therefore, the school year is ending and I won't be returning next year. I won't miss being mistaken for a student as I walk around the campus, nor the underfunded facilities in which the counseling center was housed.
But today as I wrapped up with all my duties I became sentimental for the drafty building, and the time I get to myself on my commute and the cooky group of interns that I share time with. When things end I get sentimental, eerily so. When Jon and I moved to San Francisco we had to sell our first dining room table. If you were judging by my emotions as the table let our apartment you would have thought we sold Frank on Craigslist. I get attached to things and then infuse them with feelings.
Which is what I did today.
Oh the hours I spent working with students in that wonky office chair.
Or the number of times I made tea in the break room.

See what I mean? Mundane things given meaning based on emotions.
I'm really good at it.
Have you ever become emotional over things that you hadn't anticipated?

P.S. I was feeling so nostalgic that I snapped this picture to commemorate the moment. See? I told you, nostalgic to a fault.



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