Monday, August 26, 2013

Running Around

 Growing up my one and only form of exercise was dance. I never played any other sport during my school years. I loved (and still do) watching baseball and I would play in a neighborhood game every so often. But dance was really it and that was a-ok for me. But then I hurt my back and dancing wasn't an option anymore. This is when yoga came in to my life and for that I am so thankful. Yoga not only makes my back feel strong but it makes my mind calm too! So since then I have fallen in love with yoga and I feel as though my body is stronger than ever because of it.

Yoga led to hiking and hiking led to running and much to my surprise my back was feeling strong-I could run! One slight problem though...I hated running. I have long thought that one should only run if and only if one was being chased. But being the stubborn gal that I am I forced myself to try and try again. I treated myself to some songs that would "pump me up" and time after time I would try to run. Well eventually I actually started to like running. I liked the private time, I loved listening to music, I loved seeing the sights.  And before you knew it-I was hooked. I have been logging some serious miles as of late and I can't get enough! Here are some sights that I have captured to share with you all.

Below is an abandoned mansion that was originally designed to be a mini replica of this palace.  I tried to get a pic of myself with the manse but...I failed.

Now, this is where it gets weird. I was running one day and saw a man and his dog watching me through his window. I got closer and gave the man a big smile. He didn't move. I then realized that was because he wasn't real.

He was a life sized statue of a man in leisure wear with dog/dog leash in hand. I find this odd.

Do you run? What is your farthest run? (I am up to 5 miles!) What is the oddest thing you have seen on a run?


BabyEvelyne said...

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