Wednesday, December 4, 2013

And...I'm Back

I honestly thought I wouldn't be one of those bloggers that just walked away from writing. It is healing for me to just get all these thoughts out no matter how mundane. But you know, it is so easy to not do things. One day turns in to many and many turn in to months and then you find yourself having the conversation with yourself, "do I want to keep blogging? Is it going to be a decision or should I just walk away? Will anyone notice?"

No matter how this sounds, it isn't meant to be a "woe is me, didn't you miss me?", type of post. It is just some things that have been on my mind. That's why I come here isn't it?
So yeah, life is busy. Life is good, really good. But I love the idea of sharing it all with you and documenting it for myself. I'm going to make an effort. I know I still love to read blogs, I comment sometimes too-I'm going to make more of an effort for that too.

So tell me, what's new with you?


Christine said...

I miss you SO much, welcome back! See you in person in three weeks!!!

Rachel said...

If you really love writing, it will always occur to you and you will always look for it. It's like an addiction; a coffee addiction.. which you can decide not to consume for a few weeks or months but you will eventually look for it.. besides, drinking is not really bad for your health. You just need to moderate drinking. As for writing, if you've got really busy schedule, you'll find time to fulfill your passion.


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